Drug Assessments

The Drug Assessment Working Group (DAWG) is committed to analyze scientific evidence on the effectiveness and safety of drug therapies used in Canada. They systematically review and, when appropriate, critically appraise research relevant to new and existing drugs. Often the goal is to discover whether a new drug provides a therapeutic advantage over existing similar drug therapy for a clinical condition. The Therapeutics Initiative has a dedicated team of researchers that is committed to the highest standards of research. In addition to reports on various new and existing drugs (see list below for links to executive summaries), the DAWG also contributes to the federal Common Drug Review (CDR), a national program set up to reduce duplication, and provide equal access to high level evidence and expert advice, thereby contributing to the quality and sustainability of Canadian public drug plans. The DAWG has contributed to many of the CDR reviews. Click here to search the CDR Drug Database, with links to the executive summaries and recommendations.

Below is a list of completed DAWG reports with links to the executive summaries.