The Changing Face of Psychosis: Implications for Treatment

The Changing Face of Psychosis: Implications for Treatment

Professor David Healy MD.  – Cardiff University, UK

UBC Therapeutics Initiative & CHSPR Public Seminar
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 @ 4-5 pm
491 – 2206 East Mall, UBC Point Grey

Did schizophrenia only emerge in the 19th century? Could it disappear again?  If schizophrenia were only of recent onset, what implications would this have for the management of psychosis?

Can social stresses precipitate schizophreniform psychoses?  Is the natural course of these disorders the same as for schizophrenia?  If not, what are the implications for treatment?

Using data from the North Wales asylum, this talk will deal with the emergence and disappearance of psychoses.  The data show significant changes in the incidence of schizophrenic psychoses, as well as melancholic psychoses, with dramatic fluctuations in the schizophreniform psychoses.  Classic de novo onset postpartum psychoses have vanished.  Catatonic states and hebephrenia are now rare.  These changing incidences have implications for clinical management and service delivery.

David Healy studied medicine in Dublin and Cambridge. He is a Professor of Psychiatry in Cardiff University, a former Secretary of the British Association for Psychopharmacology, and author of over 160 peer reviewed articles, 200 other pieces and 20 books, including The Antidepressant Era, and The Creation of Psychopharmacology, The Psychopharmacologists Volumes 1-3, Let Them Eat Prozac, & Mania, as well as Psychiatric Drugs Explained, now in its 5th Edition.  He has a forthcoming book on our current crisis in healthcare.

One of his main research areas involves historical epidemiology.  But he has also been involved as an expert witness in homicide, suicide and birth defect trials involving SSRI drugs, and in bringing these problems to the attention of American and British regulators.  He has also worked on aspects of how pharmaceutical companies market drugs by marketing diseases and co-opt academic opinion-leaders by ghost-writing their articles.

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