Prescrire Awards for 2012

Prescrire Awards for 2012

On 31 January 2013, the independent French journal Prescrire announced its annual Drug Awards, Packaging Awards and Information Awards for 2012. Once again this year there were few winners but a number of “Yellow Cards” and “Red Cards” were given out.

Held every year since 1981, the Prescrire Awards are based on the reviews by the Editorial Staff published in the journal over the past 12 months. The winners and losers are chosen in all independence by Prescrire’s Editorial Staff.

  • Drug Awards: Too little genuine progress, with two drugs representing a modest therapeutic advance, but there was no “Golden Pill” Award and no additions to the Honours List.
  • Packaging Awards: In too many cases, drug packaging is dangerous for children. Too many patient leaflets contain incomplete information on adverse effects, resulting in the most vulnerable patients being the least protected.
  • Information Awards: A few companies commended but too many Red Cards. The pharmaceutical company’s transparency, as an indicator of its credibility, is one of the criteria in choosing a drug, along with efficacy, adverse effects, usability and price.

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