TI Methods Speaker Series: An evidence-based look (as much as possible) at clinical practice guidelines

TI Methods Speaker Series: An evidence-based look (as much as possible) at clinical practice guidelines

It is unrealistic to expect health care providers to be intimately familiar with all the latest evidence for all the conditions they see. For that reason, truly evidence-based guidelines need to be an integral part of our health care system. In this presentation Dr. McCormack discusses the state of clinical practice guidelines (primarily the preventative ones), the evidence for them, the evidence behind them and whether or not they fit this need. At the end of the talk he shows examples of guidelines that:

  1. are a credible synopsis of the best available evidence,
  2. present information in a way that allows clinicians to understand as much as possible the risk, benefits and harms, and,
  3. allow patient values and preferences to be taken into account

This event has already taken place. Scroll down to see the video recording.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM

WHERE: Rudy North Lecture Theatre (CBH 101) in the Centre for Brain Health, UBC Point Grey Campus.

TITLE: An evidence-based look (as much as possible) at clinical practice guidelines

SPEAKER: James McCormack, BSc(Pharm), Pharm D, Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

About the speaker: James McCormack received his undergraduate pharmacy degree at the University of British Columbia in 1982 and received his doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in 1986 from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. He has had extensive experience, both locally and internationally, talking to health professionals and consumers about the rational use of medication, and has presented over 500 seminars on drug therapy over the last 30 years. He focuses on shared decision-making using evidence based information and rational therapeutic principles and he is also the co-host of a very popular weekly podcast called the Best Science (BS) Medicine podcast. James is a Professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC and had no financial or any other relationships with the pharmaceutical industry or any other commercial source in the last 25 years. All the information that will be presented is based on the best available evidence that could be found with regards to the topic, using only generic medication names but will occasionally use brand names if necessary.

About the TI Methods Speaker Series: The TI Methods Speaker Series are offered free of charge and everyone is welcome, but space is limited, registered participants will be given priority. Remote attendance is possible by videoconference, you will receive the link after you register. Click here to view a list of all talks offered in 2020 as part of the TI Methods Speaker Series.

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