1st International Conference on Deprescribing

1st International Conference on Deprescribing

An entire conference on deprescribing? Yes, you heard right!

Older people from countries across the world commonly end up taking a lot of medications. In Canada, 2 out of 3 adults over the age of 65 take 5 or more medications. More often than not, at least one of these medications are not necessary, or have side effects which outweigh the potential benefits.

“Deprescribing” is the process of safely reducing or stopping medications when they are no longer a good fit for patients.

Healthcare providers and patients need practical and sustainable strategies to make decisions about when, and how, to stop or reduce medications. Research on deprescribing is important to develop and test these strategies, and ultimately change practice.

Convening deprescribing researchers and clinicians to exchange ideas and build collaborations is one way to build knowledge and push the field forward towards practice change and quality medication use in older adults.

The 1st International Conference on Deprescribing (ICOD2022) aims to do just that. ICOD is a conference that will bring together deprescribing researchers and clinicians from all over the world. The program will feature lectures and workshops from leading deprescribing experts (Barb Farrell, Mike Steinman, Emily Reeve and others), oral abstract presentations, a poster session, plenty of opportunities to network, as well as social activities such as a welcome reception and conference dinner.

If this sounds enticing to you (how can it not?!), ICOD is being held in Kolding, Denmark from September 5th to 7th, 2022. If you can’t attend in person, don’t worry: you can attend most sessions virtually. For more information, and to register, check out the website: https://www.conferencemanager.dk/icod2022

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