Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians

Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians

Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians:
Saturday, October 15, 2022
from 08:30-12:20 h, PDT

Have you ever considered participating in one of the TI’s annual courses?  This year we are presenting our popular Best Evidence course only online, since most early registrants preferred the online option to an in person event.  You can still register, and we think our course is good value at modest online fees that avoid rental and catering costs.  Our topics reflect common but challenging issues in primary care of interest to all health professions involved in pharmacotherapy. This year we feature two new UBC faculty with important roles in the TI.  Here’s why we think you may want to participate, wherever you are in the world:

  1. Making diabetes care fit for older persons: Wade Thompson PharmD, PhD is a new TI faculty member who’s a leader in the international deprescribing movement.  He has wide experience in outpatient clinical pharmacy as well as research.  He will review evidence that we should tailor our treatments to the individual goals and needs of each patient.
  2. Mechanical back pain in primary care – which drugs “work”?: Rita McCracken MD, PhD, CCFP is a practicing family physician who specializes in combining scientific evidence with informed shared decision making.  And what clinician doesn’t love back pain?
  3. How do we facilitate or improve collaborative medication reviews between pharmacists and prescribers?: In these break-out Zoom sessions, very small groups will discuss how to get the most for patients out of medication reviews, including the roles of BC’s new Primary Care Network clinical pharmacists.  In a larger group, experienced MD, NP, and clinical pharmacist will share their approaches to rationalizing complex and potentially harmful polypharmacy (mainly psychoactive drugs).  You choose small group or large.
  4. Navigating complicated issues in hypertension management: Anshula Ambasta MD, MPH, FRCPC is our second new faculty member.  She’s a general internist, a popular teacher, and an emerging leader in the field of rationalizing how we use laboratory tests.  She will review how to apply scientific evidence to individualized treatment of high blood pressure.
  5. Optimizing drug therapy with all the tools in the toolbox: Aaron Tejani PharmD has always been one of our most popular teachers.  He will combine lessons from the breakout sessions on medication reviews with some simple but little known evidence about how short therapeutic trials of symptomatic drug therapy can tell us whether a treatment will help symptoms meaningfully, or not.

If this sounds interesting, why not join us on October 15th by registering here:

We are committed to making it worth your while!

Tom Perry MD, FRCPC
Co-Chair, Education Working Group, UBC TI

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