TI Methods Speaker Series: Addressing Challenges for Applying Systematic Review Methods Using AI

TI Methods Speaker Series: Addressing Challenges for Applying Systematic Review Methods Using AI

This live webinar has already taken place. The video recording is not available.

It is increasingly expected that decisions about health care and research are made based on the best available evidence. Evidence synthesis is the cornerstone of evidence-based decision making. PICO Portal is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted platform designed to help meet the growing demand for evidence synthesis.

The highest level of evidence for unbiased evaluation of biomedical and other interventions is the Systematic Review (SR). SRs employ rigorous, structured, and transparent methods to identify, evaluate, and synthesize all studies that provide relevant evidence on a topic.

Conventional SRs are time-consuming and resource intensive, often requiring many months and at minimum tens of thousands of dollars. Further, they require highly qualified personnel with expertise in methods and context (e.g., clinical condition being studied) and quickly become out of date as new studies are constantly being published. SRs typically involve screening thousands of abstracts and potentially hundreds of full-text files, extracting and assessing risk of bias in hundreds of studies, all in duplicate, and managing this process can be challenging.

In this talk, Eitan Agai, the founder and lead-developer of PICO Portal, covered the capabilities of PICO Portal and where machine learning, deep learning, and AI can help systematic reviewers now and in the future. Use the DOWNLOAD button to view the slide deck.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM PST [convert to your time zone]

WHERE: Offered online using the Zoom platform.

TITLE: Addressing Challenges for Applying Systematic Review Methods Using AI

SPEAKER: Eitan Agai, Founder of PICO Portal

About the Speaker: Eitan Agai is the Founder of PICO Portal, has extensive expertise in machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and text mining, with a focus on applications in health relevant data and financial data. A recognized expert in the field of ML, Mr. Agai was a speaker at the 2020 North America Systematic Review Methods conference, AI+X at the University of South Florida, and the 2022 EPA Artificial Intelligence workshop. In response to the pandemic in 2020, Mr. Agai applied his extensive knowledge in the complex user interface & automation of the financial world to develop PICO Portal, an online systematic review platform and it is a perfect for other evidence synthesis projects of any size or scale. PICO Portal utilizes ML & NPL algorithms combined with an intuitive user interface.

About the TI Methods Speaker Series: The TI Methods Speaker Series are offered free of charge and everyone is welcome. The event is held at noon on the last Wednesday of each month via videoconference. The presentations are recorded and the video recordings are posted online. Click here to view a list of talks offered in 2023 and click here to view a list of talks offered in 2022.

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