This Changed My Practice: Implementing Prescribing Portraits

This Changed My Practice: Implementing Prescribing Portraits

In an online article published on September 12, 2023 in UBC CPD’s ‘This Changed My Practice‘ series, Dr. Jill Norris (biography and disclosures) and Dr. Jessica Otte (biography and disclosures) share how they benefitted from PORTRAIT – a tool for BC clinicians that combines up-to-date clinical evidence with personalized prescribing data. The authors describe how they were prescribing before, how PORTRAIT changed their prescribing, and how they prescribe now. The article ends with a list of practical suggestions for ways you might consider using PORTRAIT:

  1. Start with self-compassion and by acknowledging that the volume and rate of change of medical information can be overwhelming, and for generalists, the breadth of medical topics is expansive.
  2. Check how you are doing relative to your peers and if there is room for improvement consider scheduling time to read the full Therapeutics Letter, if you are doing relatively well, pat yourself on the back and keep at it!
  3. Read the Therapeutics Letter on the topic and consider making a mental note to choose to prescribe differently where appropriate.
  4. Schedule time to search for relevant patient cases and consider adjusting care for those individuals (indirect patient care, panel management).
  5. Meet with your local practice support program (PSP) provider and do a quality improvement (QI) project to actively implement changes.

Overall, using PORTRAIT allows BC prescribers to work on quality improvement in a simple, professionally satisfying, and self-reflective way. It supports their work toward evidence-based prescribing, and better-informed discussions with patients and peers, and helps them navigate through the daily torrent of new medical information.

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