Annual Drug Therapy Course

The Therapeutics Initiative offers an annual two day drug therapy course to physicians and pharmacists. This is a highly interactive course on common and new drug therapy issues from an evidence based perspective. The scope of information is broad, practical and often controversial, thus appealing to professionals in family practice, internal medicine and pharmacy. This course does not receive any sponsorship from the industry. The participants receive MAINPRO-M1 CME credits.

Click here for information about the 18th annual course, scheduled for March 30-31, 2007.

Community-based Courses: Drug Therapy - Optimizing Patient Benefit (a.k.a. "TI roadshow")

The Therapeutics Initiative also organizes "closer to home" community small group drug therapy educational sessions. The focus of these is on Optimizing Patient Benefit using interactive techniques to demonstrate evidence based and cost-effectiveness data. Pharmacare data from the local health area is used to demonstrate the present prescribing habits and how this differs from what would be predicted from evidence based data. Post education evaluation of prescribing is generated to provide feedback to the participating physicians and pharmacists. College of Family Practice CME credits and College of Pharmacists CPE credits are provided to the participants.

Click here to see more information about Drug Therapy - Optimizing Patient Benefit courses in the near future.


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Therapeutics Letter #62 (January - February 2007):
Mild Hypertension - An approach to using evidence in the decision making process

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