Evaluation Working Group

The impact on prescribing of each Therapeutics Initiative program is assessed with the Pharmacare database, using epidemiologic methods. The impact of newsletters is being evaluated by a randomized control trial. Teleconferences and courses are being evaluated using a controlled time series design. One-on-one education is evaluated by both types of study design.

Impact on health and health care utilization is also assessed. For example, increased prescribing of aspirin and beta-blockers is expected to reduce rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, which can be measured using centralized databases on hospital admissions and vital statistics. Randomized and quasi-randomized time series designs are planned for this.

Evaluation methods also include focus groups, telephone interviews with clinicians, and participant observation of teleconferences, courses, and committees. All results will be submitted for publication in peer reviewed journals.

To view some Therapeutics Initiative evaluation results please contact us.


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Therapeutics Letter #62 (January - February 2007):
Mild Hypertension - An approach to using evidence in the decision making process

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