Image 2 prototypeThe Cochrane Hypertension Group and the Therapeutics Initiative are launching an online library education initiative designed to help raise visibility, encourage dialogue and dispel myths around current clinical hot-topics in Hypertension.

Currently in beta development the Research-on-the-Run professional series is being designed for active medical professionals who are on-the-go. These light, short, easy to digest web modules will be easily accessed through a website or downloaded to PC, Mac or PDA.

To view our ROTR Beta Versions click on the links below:

professional edition

personal edition

The Research-on-the-Run personal edition is designed for the general public, allowing medical practitioners to refer their patients to less technically intensive versions designed to reach large audiences.

Image of PrototypeFor more information contact us at: babak@ti.ubc.ca


Sponsored by:

Therapeutics Initiative and the Cochrane Hypertension Review Group



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